About Group Elections Coordinating Committee:



The Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) is a civil society platform to observe and monitor Liberia’s 2011 Electoral Cycle. The ECC is comprised of two pro-democracy and peace building coalitions: Civil Society Organizations National Committee for Election Monitors (CSO-NEC) and the National Coalitions for Elections Monitors (NACEM). Search for Common Ground/Talking Drum Studio (SFCG/TDS) is chair of the ECC. There are over thirty (30) civil society organizations that have membership with the ECC. These organizations are represented by the ECC Executive Committee. The ECC has a Secretariat which is responsible for the day-day activities of the coalition.


Activities of the ECC

The main activities of the ECC include: Observing and monitoring the voter registration exercise, the campaign process, adherence to elections laws, by all stakeholders, the referendum, and the day of elections as well as political parties’ response to the results of the elections.


ECC Leadership

The ECC is led by a seven-member steering Committee: Mr. Oscar Bloh, Mr. Jasper Cummeh, Mr. Eddie Jawolo, Mr. Mohammed Sheriff, Mrs. Lindora H. Diawara, Mr. Dan Saryee and Mr. Malcolm Joseph all of the executive Committee which signed a memorandum of understanding that governs the partnership, sets the roles and responsibilities of the members, and describes the decision-making process.



To build a network of civil society organizations to support a credible and sustainable and governance process in Liberia.



Promoting credible elections to increase public confidence in democracy.



To increase citizens' confidence in Liberia’s emerging and fragile democracy.



Contact Us 

Our office is located at the 16th Street in Sinkor, Cheeseman Avenue, Search for Common Ground Building, Monrovia, Liberia. 

You can also contact us through: 

Email: eccsecretariat2011@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eccliberia


Phone: +231-77 339 2 48, +231-6 554 109, +231-6 227 795



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